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Hey, my dear crafty friends! This is Gloria here today to show you some nice projects. I’m going to share Honeycomb Background Board, Flower Envelope Die, Heart Borders,  Afternoon Tea Cup Die and more. Hope you can be inspired after reading this blog!

In order to get the first project, we need to use the Honeycomb Rectangle Background Board. It is a hollow hexagon background board. We can use this die to cut out the panel and then get some pieces of hexagons using it. These small hexagons can be used as decorations, so the crafter adhered some small hexagons to the panel as the following picture shows. In addition, we can see that there are some cute bee stickers and “kindness” stickers added to the project. I really love this project, because this one look super bright and cheerful.

If you want to get create more projects included cute bees elements, I will recommend the Bees and Honeycombs Cutting Dies to you. The crafter combined bees and some blooming flowers together. In addition, the card can be opened up, which looks creative. We can write something on the inside of this card.

Next project I want to show you is created with the Flower Envelope Die. This is one of must-have dies you should grab from Kokorosa Studio. There are multiple dies included in this set, including flower, leaves dies and one envelope die. Let’s see how our crafty friends design their projects with this die?  You can create a bunch of flowers with one die set. Don’t you think it is super valuable? In addition, there are multiple elements you can choose to combine floral elements together, such as lovely bows, mini cameras and animals. Therefore, you can use this die when you are not sure what dies you can select. Actually, if you get endless ideas and you will create different nice projects with one cutting die like this creative crafter.   

This project perhaps looks a little bit complex for beginners, so I will show you some details of this project to you. We need to prepare the Jagged Heart Shape Border Cutting Die and Exquisite Afternoon Tea Cup Die previously. There are four different sizes of heart dies with this set. The crafter cut out the smallest one and adhere it to the tea cups. At the same time, another sizes of hearts were adhered to the tag. In addition, we see the floral elements here again. Do you like this designing? In general, we see a lot of details by this project.

The above is all the projects I want to share with you today! If you have some questions, please contact us by email. If you really really like the projects I show you, you can leave your warmest comments on the below. We also welcome all of you will share more amazing projects with us! You may get surprising gift! Don’t miss out it!

Thanks for your reading! Best wishes for all of lovely you. Have a nice day!

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