Welcome to kokorosastudio's blog !

Hello crafters,

Welcome to kokorosastudio's blog

In order to share our wonderful projects and provide inspiration to more craft lovers, we have created a blog area. We will be here every week to share with you the different card making process and creative ideas. Hope you can find your favorite projects here.

The first time I want to share with you is a capsule machine. I used all the cutting die of this capsule machine set to make the following work. I have to say that it is very cute.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Capsule Machine

On the front of the capsule machine, I chose the purple that I like, which makes it look very gentle.

Through the transparent window of the capsule machine, you can see the pink cake background paper. You can always believe in the combination of purple and pink. This makes the whole project look gentle and cute.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Capsule Machine

I think the most exciting part of the whole project is the cats trapped in the capsule machine. You can see that some of them look happy and some look sad.

Yes, they are waiting for you to shake the "arm" of the capsule machine to rescue them!

It's like winning the lottery, thrilling and exciting.

What will you put in your capsule machine? Are they cute cats or twinkling stars? Looking forward to your creativity.

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You can also send your creative work to our mailbox, and we will share it with more people!


  • Vicky

    Love this!

  • Vicky

    Love this!

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