What Are Ink Swatches? & Why Do You Need Them?

Ink swatches are a popular tool in the world of cardmaking. They are small, labeled samples of ink that are used to help organize and keep track of your ink collection. In this blog post, we'll explore what ink swatches are and why you need them for cardmaking.

What are Ink Swatches?

Ink swatches are small samples of ink that are stamped onto a piece of cardstock or paper and labeled with the ink color and brand. They are typically organized on template sheets, rings, or in a binder for easy reference. Ink swatches can be created using a variety of tools such as stamps and daubers.

Why do you need Ink Swatches for Cardmaking?

There are several reasons why ink swatches are a valuable tool for cardmaking. Here are a few of the most important:

Organize your ink collection: Ink swatches help you keep track of your ink collection and make it easy to find the colors you need for your projects.

Match colors: Ink swatches can help you match colors when you're creating multi-colored projects or trying to find the perfect shade for your design.

Test ink properties and performance: Ink swatches can help you test the properties of your inks, such as their opacity, coverage, and drying time. You can also try them on different materials, from paper to cloth, to create different versions of ink swatches.

Plan your projects: Ink swatches can help you plan your projects by allowing you to see how different colors look together and which colors work best for different occasions or styles.

How to Create Ink Swatches

Creating ink swatches is easy and can be done using a variety of tools. Here's a basic process for creating ink swatches:
Cut pieces of cardstock or paper into small rectangles or squares (You can use dies to cut them into tag shapes or other shapes quickly). Stamp each ink color onto a separate piece of cardstock or paper, making sure to label each swatch with the ink color and brand. Once you have created swatches for all of your inks, organize them on a ring, a sheet with the printed template, or in a binder for easy reference. You can even make it a pocketbook.

Another great idea for creating ink swatches is to use foam daubers. Since these daubers have white foam at the tips, they can be taken as references to what the ink looks like on paper. You can line them up in a clear storage case and label them. Now you get not only a set of ink swatches but a dauber for each of your colors.


Ink swatches are a valuable tool for cardmaking that can help you organize your ink collection, match colors, test ink properties, and plan your projects. They are easy to create and can be used with a variety of stamping tools. If you're serious about cardmaking and want to level up and get the most out of your ink collection, ink swatches are a must-have tool.

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