What cutting dies can do?

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We will share some good functions of cutting dies you may do not know. We usually use it to make cards, but there are many other applies that you can explore!

1. Making cards

Cutting dies are widely used to make cards, we give cards to our families and friends. We need to prepare different styles of cards according to various occasions. Cutting dies can company with us on many important days. The most important thing is that cutting dies make these days become meaningful.

Cards can help us express our love to someone, but it can also be used to share our happiness with your friends or parents. For example, wedding invitation cards. The following foldable cutting dies is really a good choice for wedding invitation.

Kokorosa Foldable Card Metal Cutting Dies

2. Storage decorations

Look here! We used cutting dies to create boxes successfully! The little box is good for storaging some small things. You can use it to storage some sugars as gift boxes.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Folding Rectangular Box

3.Home decoration

Many craft projects can be put at your home as a home decorations, which can enrinch your home designing. Projects made by cutting dies can also be collected at your home.

The following rectangle border will be a good choic. The follwing cutting die is simple but it still can be used to created a good project. I believe most of us want to get an amazing project with simple process. Get it now!

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Rose Rectangle Border


Are you curious about how to make fans by cutting dies? The following fan metal cutting dies can help you create it quickly!

Kokorosa Fan Metal Cutting Dies

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