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Hello~This is Gloria coming here today. Summer is on its way now! It’s time to share some cutting dies to you for creating summer themed projects. I have a question for guys. What’s your favorite thing in summer? If you have some good elements, welcome to our blogs and leave your comments on the below. I will show my expected things in this blog today.

If we can join in one music party and dancing with the pleasure music, I think it will be a wonderful experience. Therefore, the main cutting dies I am going to show you is musical cutting dies. There are various of musical instruments you can pick on Kokorosa Studio.

The first project I highly recommend is Guitar Body Cutting Die. You will get one guitar body patterned die. How to utilize this die to make one classical tango style project? This project may let you get new inspiration.

In order to create this project, the main colour the crafter choose is red. Decide the theme of one project and then selecting the main colour of one project is the basement of card making.

Selecting suitable elements to decorate your cards is another important step when making handmade projects. We can decorate the borders and background of projects. We can see various patterns perfectly added to this card. Romantic roses, dancing tango couple and some other floral elements. The crafters use roses pattern to decorate the tops of borders. My favorite part of this project is the decorations of guitar body. The wooden pattern, floral with leaves pattern make this guitar look amazing. In addition, the fans lace pattern decorate the borders of guitar perfectly. In general, the choices of colors and decorations are nice.

This crafter make full use of this cutting die because she use it as a border to add more layers to this project. The card with words pattern is another highlights of this project. In general, we can see many good ideas from this project, and this crafter care about details. I think it is why she can create such a pretty project.

The second project is created with Foldable Piano Keys Die. Foldable cutting die is popular among crafty friends because it will help us create 3D effects. The crafter use this piano keys crate a wonderful project. The theme of this project is romantic tango. Add the dancing tango couple to the top of piano keys. I love this design because it looks like they are dancing on the piano. She also create a space for adding another musical elements to the project, for example, 3D flowers, piano sheet music, gentleman’s hat and shoes. All these elements combined well in this project.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye! If you have any questions about our projects, you can contact with us by email. You can also leave your email address on the below. If you would like to share your projects with us. Welcome to kokorosa Studio. Hope you will get inspiration from this blog.

Thanks for your reading! Have a nice day!

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