Wonderful Projects Created with Foldable Dies


How are going these days? Are you looking for some inspiration for card making? I will share some wonderful foldable cutting dies with you today! The Foldable cutting die is one of the most popular dies in kokorosa Studio. Crafters can make more amazing effects with one foldable cutting die. In addition, a foldable cutting die not only can be used to create cards, it can also be used to create some storage boxes and mini cute bags. You can give them to your friends as gifts and also can use them as storages in your daily life.

The first project is created with Flowers Envelope Cutting Die. The floral pattern is the highlight of this cutting die. Choose floral card stock and you can get one nice envelope quickly. Another one is Foldable Lace Border Dies. There are two borders you can get in this set and you you can stick them together, then fold it according to the lines of dies, which can help you create an opening effect. This is more creative than the common cards we have seen before.

The next cutting die I want to show you is the Canvas Backpack Die. The crafter created one bag pattern with this die and adhere this pattern to the cover of note book, so our cutting dies can be used in different ways. If you have multiple ideals, I believe our cutting dies will help you have an interesting crafting experience. Let’s explore more cutting dies from Kokorosa Studio now! As I have mentioned before, cutting dies can be used to create storages. The Drawer Storage Box Cutting Die is suitable for creating one cute storage with four drawers. This storage can be used to collect some mini decorations in your daily life.

Have you ever created gift bags with cutting dies? If you want to create one fabulous gift bag by yourself, I will highly recommend the Hollow flowers Box and Bag. The floral border looks so cute and it suits for creating various themed project. Our crafter create one garden themed project with sun flowers and heart elements. At the same time, don’t forget to add some word elements to your projects as sentiment of projects! If you want to get one special gift bag designed by yourself. Shop it now!

Well, it’s time to say goodbye again! I will continue to share more nice cutting dies with you in the following days! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us by email. You can also leave your comments on the below if you have any advice that you want to give us. Also, we are very glad to receive your nice projects if you want to share with us! You may get surprising gifts after sharing projects!

Thanks for your reading! Wish all of you have a nice day!

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