All You Need to Get Started on Cardmaking (PART 2)

Cutting die

Cardmaking is a great way to use your creative imagination. Most people don't realize that dies can make their job easier and faster. Card cutting-dies are used to form the shape of a card or paper so that you can easily cut out the design you like.

There are many types of card-cutting die, including circle, square and oval shapes. You can also find flower dies and heart-shaped dies, which are perfect for making Valentine's Day cards or birthday cards.

Card cutting die comes in different sizes and thicknesses, so you need to choose the right one for your project. Our metal dies are of great quality and have the size and thickness that are suitable for most paper crafting projects.

The type of paper stock will also affect how well the die cuts through the paper without tearing it apart or leaving any jagged edges behind. Card stock is generally thicker than regular printer paper so it will hold up better during the cutting process. Our acid-free and lignin-free cardstock is a great choice to use your cutting dies with.

Die cutting machine

Die cutting machine for cardmaking is a great tool to make your card making easy and fast.

A die cutting machine is a tool used in crafting to cut through a variety of materials. These machines are used with cutting dies to create different shapes, patterns, or designs on paper or other materials. They are ideal for creating intricate shapes, such as flowers, leaves, petals, and lettering.
The most common uses of these machines include:

Die-cutting machines allow you to create your beautiful custom cards, invitations, holiday cards, and other craftworks like scrapbooking at home or in your office.

Die cutting machines help users save time and money by doing work that may be beyond their capability or could have cost quite a long time.

Embossing tools

Embossing folders are used to create a raised pattern on paper. They are made of thin, flexible metal and have a variety of designs. When used with a die cutting machine, the design is pressed onto the paper, resulting in a raised area. Embossing folders can be used with most types of papers, including cardstock and vellum.

Embossing folder comes in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are designed for specific holidays or occasions such as birthdays or weddings. Others are designed to create one-of-a-kind patterns. The embossed design can be left as is or colored with markers or paints for added effect.

Storage album

A storage album is a great way to keep your collection of cardstock and other supplies organized. You can get storage albums in different sizes, and they can be used for storing many kinds of cardmaking supplies such as stamps, dies, and embellishments. The clear pockets are great for storing things like die-cuts and paint chips, while the card and envelope pockets can be used to store completed cards or invitations.

There are two main ways you can use storage albums:
Organize by color. If you have a lot of different colors of cardstock, you can organize them all in one place by color. This is especially useful if you like to use different colors for different projects.

Organize by project type or theme. If you're working on a specific project or theme, then it's helpful to put all the pieces together into one spot so that when you need them again, they're all right there ready for use!


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